Cables and torus knots

So it’s high time for another post. And while a raytrace of a reflective chrome torus hovering over a chessboard is tempting, how about a torus knot on glass?

Picture 55 Picture 56

Think of this green torus as surrounding a meridian of another solid torus.

Then this torus knot will “interpolate” from one cable to another.

Picture 58 Picture 59
Picture 61 Picture 60

You can make sense of “interpolate” homologically: OuterCable-InnerCable=TorusKnot.

Picture 47

Picture 46

This was all quickly whipped up using Rhino. There’s bit of experimenting some of the materials of their Toucan rendering. The glass distorts stuff a bit too much sometimes. Below are a selection of more pics. Click on any to go to my Flickr and see yet more.

Picture 50

Picture 62

Picture 40

Picture 33

Picture 28

Picture 26

Picture 1

~ by Ken Baker on July 14, 2009.

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