Fibered Cable

I was looking at the fibration of the (2,1)-cable of the core of a solid torus the other day…

2,1 Cable of the solid torus

Click on it for a larger version.

Here‘s a set showing the individual pages.

~ by Ken Baker on August 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fibered Cable”

  1. Do you about knots manipulations softwares? Or, perhaps, topologycal manipulation/visualization softwares? Where i can download this softwares?

    • Well, for knot manipulations you might try Knot Plot. For topological manipulations/visualizations…. reckon I’d have to say learn to use a 3D modeling program. With experience, you can create visualizations and do certain manipulations. SketchUp is a free program that I use.

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