Once again, Whiteheadtangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangltangletangletangletangletangletangletangle

I squished around that Whitehead tangle.



Now the strands fit in a small square x I of the sphere x I.


This way it’s easier to stack lots of them.

This stack has a quarter turns between them.


The top row smooths the strands out a wee bit:

It never ends.
Whitehead flythrough

~ by Ken Baker on April 2, 2011.

One Response to “Once again, Whiteheadtangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangletangltangletangletangletangletangletangletangle”

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